Residents taxes

If you live here permanently as a resident of the island I can support you with all your tax and accounting needs.

If you live here for more than a total of 182 days a year (whether continuously or not), you’re also legally classed as a resident and should declare your tax here in Lanzarote.

Many holiday homeowners have been advised to register as a resident to get certain benefits, such as reduced utility bills. This could cause potential issues further down the line if the tax office discovers you’re registered and not paying tax, so we strongly advise against it.

If you do register as a resident, I’ll also need to register you with the tax office, as obtaining your little green residencia card, or the TIE for British Citizens, doesn’t automatically register you as a tax resident with Hacienda (the tax office).

So, how can I help?

Register with the tax office

If you’ve got your NIE, TIE or residencia, I can help you take the next step and register you with the tax office. I can also advise you on the best way to handle your tax returns and make the most of deductible expenses moving forward, to make sure you reap the most benefit.

Register as self-employed

Good news if you plan to go self-employed here in Lanzarote. You can take advantage of incentives to encourage new self-employed workers (autonomous). The first year’s worth of social security payments are reduced to less than 100€ a month. 

I’ll register you in the system, including for IGIC (the local equivalent of VAT) and can also let you know if there are any grants available at the time. If there are, I’ll make the application on your behalf.

Monthly accounting

Send or bring me your invoices and expenses and I’ll keep your official records and prepare them for the quarterly returns, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Quarterly and annual tax returns

You’ll be prompted whenever I need anything from you, and I’ll take care of filing the returns on your behalf. You’ll be notified as to how much tax is due to be paid each quarter, so you know what’s coming and don’t have any surprises.

Tax advice

I don’t just advise you once when you start working with me and then forget about you. I’ll keep you up to date if there are any incentives or opportunities to reduce your tax bills on an ongoing basis. I’m also available for consultations whenever you feel like you need some extra support.

Own Assets abroad?

If you own assets abroad worth over 50,000€ you must declare them. However, unless their value increases by more than 20,000€, you’ll only have to do it once. I can take care of submitting the forms to avoid any issues further down the line. 

Capital gains tax when selling property

If you sell your property, I’ll declare your capital gains when we do your “Declaracion de Renta” the following year. You can deduct expenses related to the purchase and sale of the property, as well as invoices for any extensions you had done. 

Inheritance tax and gift tax

This is quite complex in Spain as it varies depending on your relationship to the deceased or gifter as well as your personal circumstances. I can calculate it all for you and file the return on your behalf. 

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