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Help, I've had a letter from the tax office

If you’ve received a letter from the Tax Office, or Hacienda, it’s important to take fast action. I know it feels intimidating, or just plain scary, but we have just 10 days to reply to them and make your case if they are pursuing a debt.
The language used in these kinds of communications is hard to understand even when you’re fluent in Spanish, never mind when it’s not your first language. However, in some cases, they just want to confirm information filed in your declaration, and there isn’t necessarily going to be a fine or payment needed along with it, so please don’t panic.

So, how can I help?

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As soon as I read the letter, I’ll be able to advise you as to whether you need to go ahead and pay a fee if that’s what they’re asking for, what information they need or if you have a chance to appeal in the case of something more serious.
In a situation where they are asking for a payment, if after replying within 10 days they reject your case, we can follow up with an appeal process. However, the tax office will likely freeze your account for the amount owed, so a speedy reply is always a better idea if possible.
It may also be that they are contacting you to inform you of a tax inspection, in which case I can advise you as to the process and support you if needed.
Whatever you choose to do, please don’t take the “ostrich approach”, it’s far worse to ignore the problem than it is to deal with it, and together we can work it out.

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