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Business Accounting

I take care of accounting and tax advice for businesses of all sizes in Lanzarote.

With over 20 years of experience, and a previous background as a Finance Director for 10 years, I can help keep your taxes and business finances in good health, so you can get back to running the business you love and taking care of the day to day.

So, how can I help?

Formation of a company

We’ll look at the type of business you plan to build, whether you need to consider public liability, how fast you anticipate growth and how much you plan to scale in your first years. Depending on your plans, I’ll advise you as to the best type of business to start with to help you make the most profit, from “Autonomo” (self-employed) to SL companies.

I can then go ahead and submit the paperwork on your behalf, so you’re all set to start bringing that dream business to life.  

Opening licenses for businesses

I’ll advise and guide you through the application process, or if you’re purchasing a business I can help get the licence changed into your name.

Registration of self employed in social security

I’ll register you as self-employed with the social security and tax offices, and guide you in all the basics from invoicing to deductible expenses for your type of work and how to maximise profits. 

In your first year, you’ll pay less than 100€ a month in social security contributions, and from then on it will depend on your income. We can look at your projected earnings to calculate your estimated monthly payments so you know what to expect. 

Payroll services

  • Including registration in the Social Security system for new employees
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Processing monthly social security and quarterly income tax payments
  • Processing additional benefits such as sick pay and maternity leave
  • Advice on recruitment and minimum wages as well as contract conditions
  • Deregistering of employees who leave the company
  • Advice on labour and employment issues

Advice on assets the company holds

Assets can help you generate revenue, increase your business’s value and help the daily running of your company. When purchased and handled correctly, they can also help with tax savings. I’ll advise you on any existing assets or purchasing new ones as your business grows. 

Audit Assistance

If you’re contacted by the tax office for an audit, don’t panic. I’ll organise everything and present it on your behalf. This makes it much easier for the tax man to see everything keeping the process much simpler and faster. 

Ongoing advice

I don’t just provide bookkeeping and business accounting services in Lanzarote.

I’m your right-hand woman. I support you and give you the clarity you need to make the best financial decisions for your business. I’m here to help you make sense of the numbers so you can see exactly how and where you can improve and maximise your profits moving forwards. 

Preparation of annual accounting records

Including financial statements and reports such as profit and loss to determine the overall health of your business

Quarterly Returns

I take care of all your business accounting. Bring or send me your invoices for income and expenses each month and I’ll keep your official books and records in order, and prepare your quarterly declarations. I’m happy to review your P&L and look at the numbers with you whenever you like, to help you feel confident making decisions to maximise profits. 

Corporation tax

This is one part of business accounting that a lot of owners aren’t aware of. If you have an SL company, you must present this in July each year for the previous year. It’s a simple process where I calculate your profit and work out if you owe more tax, or are eligible for a rebate. 

If you haven’t been paying it, let me know and I can work out what should have been declared at the end of each previous year. If you don’t submit the return for 4 consecutive years, the tax office will annulate your CIF (business tax ID), which will give you problems further on. 

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